Healthy You, Healthy Planet

Trying to be healthier this year? Thinking of being more eco-friendly in 2017? Want to do both at the same time? The answer is easy – eat more veggies!

You can cut down on your water footprint by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods lower on the food chain, especially fruits and vegetables, require significantly less water to produce than other foods do. Not only do plants need less water to grow, they undergo less processing, which means even less water usage and more nutrients for you!

If you’re serious about reducing your water footprint, be sure to check out tips on how to eliminate food waste. Agriculture accounts for approximately 80 percent of fresh water usage in the US, so food wasted is water wasted!

There are lots of ways to cut back on water waste in the garden as well. Here in the Cultivating Roots garden, we use compost and mulch to help our soil retain water. We also plant in blocks rather than rows when we can. This keeps the ground shaded and prevents water from evaporating before it can reach plants’ roots.

What are some other ways you conserve water? Tell us in the comments!