May in the Garden

May has arrived on the Harbor and as the days are getting longer, their hours seem to be flying by faster! So far May has brought much sunshine, a handful of days over 70 degrees, and many windy afternoons. 

Hours in the garden have been spent keeping our beds well watered, planting, weeding, planting, weeding, and beautifying the space (did I mention planting and weeding?). Our Community Work Days have had great success and we only hope to see more faces at the Cultivating Roots Garden as Tuesdays continue to be days of nice weather. Please join us to see the results of our weeks of planting - every Tuesday from 3-6 PM!

So, what is growing in our garden?  Roots, Fruits, and Leafy Greens!

  • Radish, Carrots, and Beets all have beds of their own.

  • Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, and Arugula share space harmoniously to provide us an abundance of greens in the near future.

  • Our potato planting from St. Patrick's Day in March has taken off and our bed is overflowing with tall, green sprouts.

  • Our strawberries are just beginning to ripen and our blueberry and raspberry plants will likely follow close behind.

  • Just this Tuesday, we planted a bed of herbs along our garden's edge, and yesterday volunteers helped plant three types of peas in our garden as well.

We cannot wait for these plants and more to blossom and bloom, and for the harvest time to begin in just a few, short weeks!

What is growing in your garden? Tell us in the comments.