“One Nation. Underfed.”

Looking for weekend plans? Is your Saturday afternoon open tomorrow and would you like to fill it with a meaningful, fun activity? A yes, maybe, or unsure answer to these questions means this opportunity is for you!

Put on by the Willapa Harbor Ministerial Association Food Bank, the Raymond Theater will be showing “A Place at the Table2:00 PM tomorrow, Sept 19th. This is a FREE event! The documentary exemplifies the conversation on hunger and poverty in the United States; with 1 in 4 American children facing hunger each day this conversation is more important than ever. In the film, three people relay their struggles with food insecurity: a mother of two, a Colorado 2nd grader, and a Mississippi 2nd grader. “A Place at the Table” engages not only the issue of hunger but the struggle to obtain enough nutritious food for impoverished families as well.  All are encouraged to attend the viewing and learn more about a wide-spread problem facing our whole nation. “A Place at the Table” is provided by Coastal Harvest.