Fruits, Vegetables, Compost…OH MY!

The 2015 season has been a fruitful one for the Cultivating Roots garden (yes, pun intended.)  Over the course of the year garden staff and volunteers harvested over...Drum roll please

1000 lbs!  Our harvest included heavy items like tomatoes, squash and beets as well as light items like Swiss chard, lettuce and peas.  When we added up all of the weekly harvest weights, we could not contain our excitement.  1000 lbs. is a½ ton, equal in weight to a 60“ tall horse or a Volkswagen beetle.  Unbelievable!

This produce was enjoyed by volunteers, garden neighbors, and food bank clients all over Grays Harbor County.  Fruits and vegetables were not the only garden products.  Currently, our compost bins are overflowing with all non-food portions of our plants. When our compost breaks down into rich dirt for our garden, we will have completed this non-waste, beneficial system.