From the Greenhouse to the Garden!

We have an exciting task lined up for our volunteer day on this coming Monday, June 15th! Throughout February, March, and April, the Aberdeen High School Horticulture classes planted warm-weather vegetables for the Cultivating Roots Garden in their greenhouse. These "starts" (individually planted indoor plants) have been growing great in the greenhouse and are even starting to out grow their individual pots. Now weather is finally getting warm enough for them to be transplanted into our garden beds! This morning I brought out trays of tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and basil from the greenhouse so they could "harden-off" (adjust to being outside). They will be ready to go in the ground on Monday, so come and join us for a fun summer-time garden activity!

We wanted to give a special thanks to Mike Machowek and his Horticulture classes at Aberdeen High School! Thank you so much for donating your time, expertise, and greenhouse space to help give our warm-season vegetables a head start!

Here are some photos showing the life cycle of our warm-season plants. They were planted into individual pots by students in the Aberdeen High school greenhouse this spring. Last month we moved them to the Cultivating Roots green house. Today the plants are being hardened-off in our cold frame or behind a wind-break so their first day exposed to the chilly wind isn't such a shock!