Although we are not yet even halfway through June, there are already crops that are ready to be harvested! This is also a great time to see some of the more slow-growing crops at a vital point in their development, such as our various artichokes scattered around the garden. As always, anything within the central ring of garden beds is free to anyone in the community, so feel free to harvest within that space. Some of the current crops available are cilantro and other herbs, kale, arugula, spinach, lettuce and strawberries near the gates and fences. 

Successful Potato Planting

Our Potato Planting and opening event on March 17th was a success! Nearly 40 individuals attended and participated in some form of planting, whether that is potatoes or flowers. Many neighbors of Pacific Court also claimed some garden beds, so if you live in Pacific Courts Apartments, get in touch with us soon to claim a garden bed! Below are some photos of our event.


Garden Opening and Potato Planting - Saturday March 17th 1-3pm!

Cultivating Roots will open once again on Saturday March 17th. We will celebrate the occurrence, along with St. Patrick’s Day, with a Potato Planning event. Members of the community of all ages are welcome to visit the garden and plant potatoes in a designated plot. This particular plot has been prepared for the occasion, with compost being added and protected from the weather which may affect us in the coming week. Potatoes will be made available to visitors at the garden. We hope to see you there and that you join us for more gardening in the coming months!

Winter Update

Not much is going on in the garden at this moment, is expected. For the wellness of the soil, most garden beds which will be used for next year have been covered with compost and a layer of leaves, hay or plastic. This will ideally insulate the soil from cold temperatures and excessive precipitation,  likely showing varying levels of success, as there are clear differences between the natural forms of cover, such as leaves, hay, and plastic. Seeing as many of the beds have soil that has been severely worn out over the years, many of them will have new soil and compost added in the spring, the current forms of cover will serve mostly as a form of experiment that will allow us to see how well the soil was protected from the weather.